June 2016 Newsletter

June training day was unique for two events.  For the first time in ten years there was company at the Long Pond training field.  We also had a prolonged duck search at Greene where a partially taped duck went missing.  Otherwise, the weather was very windy but mild to enable everyone an opportunity to work on various aspects of their field and water work.

The last time we had horseback riders show up other than Zack Driscol who used to train with us was at least ten years ago.  While we were planting the first birds, Larry intercepted a rider who had crossed over from the highway and advised him to be aware that we were planning on live fire.  What followed was less than pleasant.  Ask Larry for details.  Shortly after the rider left we had a visit from the State Police who asked a few questions and then promptly left us alone.  The field work included both young and experienced dogs.  Drag tracks were also done along the hillside where we put up a grouse with chicks!  Mike Hubenthal with Lincoln did very nice tracks as did Pam and Fly puppy.  Larry had the table out for various training aspects including hold and carry and heeling. 

Water work at Greene was made more interesting by a prolonged search for an escaped, partially taped duck.  Dawn and Millie were searching off the path when a fawn took off across the trail.  That made each successive search in the area very interesting.  Tom and Fritz also gave it a try.  Finally Case and Rob were able to be successful with Case searching behind Fred’s shack and bringing the duck back to hand.  As Larry said looking at Case: leave it up to the “nut case” to be successful.  Case earned that title and has restarted her duck work after some time off.  The point being that we do not want to leave live, taped ducks behind if we can help it for obvious reasons.  Dawn and Millie did their best to get Fly puppy to swim at the dock area.  Evan Hendricks sent Blitzen who did a fantastic duck search in the back. 

Thank you to all who helped out.  Remember that we are ambassadors for our sport and as such have to make every effort to be aware of our surroundings and attempt to share the road as necessary and to leave the training areas as we found them.   Our Club has always done this to our credit.