Desire/Intensity or Steadiness

This thread started by someone saying they would rather have a steady dog than an intense/high desire dog. I say you want a high desire dog that you can steady. Steadiness is an obedience command (period). Desire is breed into a dog you can't put it in. So when it comes to breeding I say breed for the 4's Nose, Pointing, Desire, Water (all needed for Prize I) and train the 3's (need for a prize I) steadiness, heeling,retrieve etc. to be 4's.

I have yet to see a dog score a 3 in desire, water, nose or pointing get a prize I.


I agree


Desire and prey drive with the right mix of cooperation so you are able to train the obediance.


I have seen a bunch of dogs with 3 in steadiness score a prize I !!


There is an informative article in the March/April issue of Pointing Dog Journal that adds to this discussion:  pg 28 titled Hunting Dog Ingredients.  The writer talks about desire, cooperation and obedience perhaps equating steadiness with obedience. 


I read that article and understand what the author meant. However, I will stand by my earlier comment that a breeder should first and for most have desire. I am not knocking the other attributes, heck look at a UT card the most boxes to mark are under obedience.

Oh and yes cooperation is a wonderful thing.