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2021 Schedule of Events

The Southern Tier of New York Chapter holds formal Training Days at least once a month from March through September. These events occur on Sundays starting at 9:00 at the Field Site and running until finished at the Water Site.
Training Day locations may vary. Just be sure to check the Upcoming Events section to confirm the exact date and location.
Chapter members generally own one of the versatile breeds, but all breeds are welcome. A typical training day will find members working on training objectives of pointing and steadiness, while others will engage in water work. Come join us at a training day to see what NAVHDA is all about. Spend some time with people who have experience with versatile hunting dog training and with NAVHDA testing and philosophy.

Tuesday, March 23rd : Virtual Training Social Activity @ 7pm.

Sunday, April 18th : Training Day Long Pond State Forest @ 9am.

Sunday, May 16th : Training Day Long Pond State Forest @ 9am.

Saturday, June 19th : Training Day Long Pond State Forest @ 9am.

Sunday, July 18th : Training Day (8am) & FAMILY PICNIC (Noon).

Sunday, August 22nd : Training Day Long Pond State Forest @ 8am.

Sunday, September 12th : Training Day Long Pond State Forest @ 9am.

October: TBA - Business Meeting

To avoid any confusion, please pay close attention to the day of the week (Saturday or Sunday) and starting time.
Greene Rod & Gun Club Pond cannot be used until after 11am on these training days.
Members will receive email notification of Special Events represented as TBA in the above calendar as well as those in the planning stages.

Website Information

You will find current information in all categories under "OUR NAVHDA CHAPTER". Please go there for information on training and testing days and our current officers. Add your photos to the current year folder in "PHOTO GALLERIES". Have topics for discussion or something to sell add them to the "DISCUSSION FORUM". Just keep it civil and respectful. Visit and support our sponsors on the "NAVHDA SPONSORS" page. Coming soon, information and updates to the NEWSLETTERS. Don't forget to check out and like us on our FACEBOOK page.

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