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The Fall Test: September 22nd & 23rd

The Fall test is in the books and goes down as being both a weather challenge and an organizational challenge. The hot, dry conditions forced us to change the meeting site at the last minute and do the field work first on Saturday.

July Training Day & Family Picnic

The July training day at the Snyder training facility was the best turnout ever. Thank you to the entire Snyder family and all of the others who helped. Many families arrived and between kids and puppies, the chaos was wonderful. The food was even better as everyone pitched in and brought something.

Training on Father's Day

Because of Father’s Day, the attendance was light. However, because of the heat, there was not a lot of time to run more dogs. Larry had a number of shorthair puppies running the grounds to add to the training chaos. The dogs (and handlers) were dragging at the mid point in their fieldwork. The chucker flew well if the dogs could find them. Dan Kremer’s Max was steady in the field.

2007 Spring Test

Left to right: Drum Hadley, Dan Griffiths and daughter Katelynn, Bill Mather, Al Burkhart, John Swider, Mel Rottman, Larry Lauton, Frank Verret, Mike O'DonnellAt this year's sprng test we managed to dodge the weather bullet on Saturday where six NA dogs and 2 UT dogs were handled to the following scores:Al Burkhart and Maggie, 79, no prize; Dan Griffiths and Candy, 112 NA prize 1; Al Burkhart and Nellie, 96, NA prize 3; Jo Wolak and Bach, 112 NA Prize 1; Bill Mathers and Inges, 81, no prize; Al Burkhart and Mickey,

April 2007 Training Day

April training day was actually not just warm, but hot. The Long Pond fields were fairly dry as was the path to the water site at Greene. I think everyone accomplished what he or she wanted to because a lot of people pitched in and helped out. Thank you. There were multiple stations: tethered pigeons, training table, tracking, drags and wing shooting.

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