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Natural Ability (NA) Training Clinic-CANCELLED

The Chapter's NA clinic on April 27, 2019 has been cancelled. Those members that expressed interest can attend Training Day, at 9:00 am on April 20, 2019, where the same topics will be covered. Contact Joe Mastriano or Tim Lewis upon arrival at Training Day. Please remember to bring all necessary equipment and supplies with you. Any questions please contact Joe.

April 2019 Training Day

Please note that the April training day will now be on Saturday April 20, 2019 at 9:00 am, Long Pond field site. In addition to the normal training day activities special training/mentoring sessions will be held for Test Day volunteers. Test Day assignments and changes to how the test will be conducted will be discussed. Hope to see all of you there! Looking ahead: Saturday, May 11, 2019 - Training Day Long Pond State Forest; Saturday, May 18 and Sunday, May 19, 2019 - Spring Chapter Test

Website Remodel Update

The update of our website is nearly complete! You will find current information in all categories under "OUR NAVHDA CHAPTER". Please go there for information on training and testing days and our current officers. Start adding your photos to the 2019 folder in "PHOTO GALLERIES". Have topics for discussion or something to sell add them to the "DISCUSSION FORUM". Just keep it civil and respectful. Visit and support our sponsors on the "NAVHDA SPONSORS" page. Coming soon, information and updates to the NEWSLETTERS. Don't forget to check out and like us on our FACEBOOK page.

Training Date Cancelled


There is more than a foot of snow covering the fields at Long Pond State Forest. In addition, the condition of the access road precludes us from conducting training.

Training day scheduled for 3-26-2017

The Southern Tier of NAVHDA March training day scheduled for 3-26-2017 is still in effect. Please note that the extended forecast strongly suggest that the recent snow accumulation should be mostly gone by the training day but there is no guarantee. Please plan appropriately for not ideal conditions. We expect that the introduction portion such as Welcome to NAVHDA, table work, and healing will have no issues. Though the field may still have snow accumulation, field work should still be an option for anyone wishing to do so. Please keep in mind the cover will be mostly laid down due to the recent snow fall and water pools will most likely be present . We are sure we will be able to provide Puppy introduction to Pigeons (Pointing) onsite also. Water for puppy training will most likely not be available. For new members please keep in mind that the first training day is a great way to socialize your dog or puppy and to get a full presentation as to what NAVHDA is all about and what to expect from NAVHDA. We hope to see everyone at the Training Day.

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