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New NAVHDA corporate sponsor: Dakota 283

The Executive Council of NAVHDA is excited to announce the addition of a brand new corporate sponsor, Dakota 283. We are fortunate to have Dakota 283 on board supporting our organization with products that are designed specifically for the hunter and his/her dog. Their products include high-end, durable, one-piece crates and under-crate storage vaults.

Dakota 283 products are designed for the hunter enthusiast to easily transition your vehicle to "hunt mode" in just minutes.  The integrated Badlands Gun Vault and Dog Kennel system is ideal for bird hunters looking for an elegant solution to securely store shotguns and shells, and easily fit a couple of dog kennels in bed of truck or slide in the back of your SUV.  The gun vault's modular, weather and water resistant compartments store multiple guns during bird season and easily converts to rifles with scopes for big game hunts.

Key to the Dakota line of vaults and kennels is their rotationally molded construction. Only Dakota combines ultra lightweight, attractive, ergonomic design in products that are virtually indestructible... all at a price every outdoorsman can afford.
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August 2016 Newsletter

Highlights from the issue:
  • Chapter picnic at the Snyder's home
  • Fall test and results
  • Thanks for the memories Larry!


NAVHDA'S Executive Council has introduced a new option to celebrate you and your dog's success in NAVHDA Tests.  We have secured a supply of hat/lapel pins that may be ordered through the NAVHDA Store.  There is a unique pin for each of the four levels of NAVHDA tests (NA, UPT, UT & INVT). The intent is to make the pins available to all owners/handlers, who have passed a NAVHDA test, to celebrate the accomplishment.   

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