Vaccinations at home?

I just got my reminder from the vet that the girls are due for annual boosters.  Then it donned on me that I had seen vaccinations in LCSupply. Anybody do this themselves? Thoughts? Obivously this doesn't replace the monitoring of a vet, but perhaps it saves some $$? I found this article online (course they sell them): and here is their sales page

I don't remember what I pay at the vet, but I am fairly sure it is more than $6 a pop. I would be interested in hearing others thoughts and expereinces.

Larry I prefer having the


I prefer having the vet do it each year and giving the dog a checkup. That way if there is ever an emergency my vet is there for my dogs. I have even called my vet at home. Would not be as comfortable doing that if I was buying my shots and medication elsewhere. If I had several dogs it might be a different story.

Re: Vaccinations

Good point that I hadn't considered. I can see that doing it at home would be somewhat at the sacrifice of the relationship established with the vet. That would be my primary reason for continuing as is...

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