Message from the Chapter President

The SOUTHERN TIER OF NEW YORK CHAPTER OF NAVHDA was sanctioned on January 18, 1985. Thank you to the members which had the insight that a NAVHDA chapter was needed in the Southern Tier Region. Your insight and dedication has produced one of the best and oldest chapters in NAVHDA.

If you are just looking for a new hobby in which your whole family can be involved, or looking to learn how to train your new companion, you have looked in the right place. Our chapter has the experience and knowledge to assist. We hold monthly training days from March to September. We offer Spring and Fall tests as a way to evaluate you and your dog and point you in the right direction in training to produce the best hunting companion.

The NAVHDA Organization is for the Pointing Breeds and can provide you with the tools and knowledge to be successful with your dog. Through publications, clinics, and experienced member’s knowledge, this is the place for anyone with a passion for the Pointing Breeds. We do not train your dog. We train you to train your dog. It has been one of the most rewarding experiences for many of us. We produce Versatile Hunting Dogs capable of field or water work at the highest level.

So if you just want to join a club that has comradeship like you have never experienced before, or you would like to train you and your dog to the highest level, this is the place for you. Welcome!! Give me a call to discuss any questions you may have. You are invited to attend our next Training Day to see if our NAVHDA Chapter is what you are looking for.