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Chapter General Business Meeting SATURDAY Jan 18, 2020

The General Business Meeting is scheduled for January 18th, NOON, at the Whitney Point Sportsman Association’s clubhouse located at 3132 NY Rte. 206 in Whitney Point. The most pressing issue at this meeting will be the election of Chapter Officers. Currently, there are no candidates for the offices of President and Vice-President. The Chapter is in dire need of someone stepping up to fill these roles and associated duties. There is currently one (1) candidate for the Treasurer position and one (1) candidate for the Secretary position, however, any member interested in serving in either of these roles is encouraged to make their interest known. Effectively, the Chapter can not function without a President and Vice President. As a reminder dues for membership in the Chapter and the Greene Rod and Gun Club were payable January 1st. Information regarding fees and instructions for payment can be found in the Membership section of this website.

Evan Hendricks

Evan Hendricks

Evan Hendricks

A message from our Chapter President: It is with great sadness that I regret to inform you that Evan Hendricks passed away on Tuesday, August 6th. Evan was a true friend who constantly showed his enthusiasm for his dogs and support for all his fellow NAVHDA Chapter members in their training and testing efforts. I share with all of you our fond memories of our friend and our sympathies and best wishes for his wife Linda. As you know, earlier this year, Evan and Linda demonstrated their complete dedication and extraordinary generosity to advancing our NAVHDA Chapter’s mission by donating his custom outfitted trailer complete with virtually every sort of dog training and testing equipment imaginable. The generous spirit of Evan and Linda will never be forgotten by our Chapter and will live on every time we train and test. Please note in the picture of Evan featured that he is proudly wearing his Southern Tier Chapter jacket. For those of you wishing to pay your respects, please find calling hours and funeral services information through the web address below:

Website Information

You will find current information in all categories under "OUR NAVHDA CHAPTER". Please go there for information on training and testing days and our current officers. Add your photos to the 2019 folder in "PHOTO GALLERIES". Have topics for discussion or something to sell add them to the "DISCUSSION FORUM". Just keep it civil and respectful. Visit and support our sponsors on the "NAVHDA SPONSORS" page. Coming soon, information and updates to the NEWSLETTERS. Don't forget to check out and like us on our FACEBOOK page.

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